Joy Way
TikTok Bounty Program

To support and encourage TikTok creators who make videos about our games, we launch this bounty program.

Currently in a test phase, the program will remain in effect until a formal conclusion date is announced by Joy Way.

Take advantage of this opportunity, make money with your hobby!

Basic information

This program currently covers only one of our projects - Stack.

And 3 geographical regions - North America, the European Union, the United Kingdom.

While the program is in effect, you can record and submit as many videos as you wish.

To qualify for a reward, you need to:

  • Shoot a video about Stack
  • Publish it with the hashtags #stackvr and #stackfun
  • Fill out the form below


  • Use an active account (7+ published tiktoks during the last 30 days) about VR gaming;
  • Focus the attention of viewers on Stack;
  • Include hashtags #stackvr and #stackfun;
  • Reach views organically;
  • Videos longer than 7 seconds;
  • Overall positive vibes in videos.


  • Use a new account (the first video must be published no earlier than 60 days ago);
  • Make unrelated videos with a formal mention of Stack;
  • Publish the video without the hashtags #stackvr and #stackfun;
  • In-app paid promotion (Promote, Spark Ads) and external traffic sources are prohibited;
  • Videos shorter than 7 seconds;
  • Hateful or negative content.

Estimating views and rewards

To give TikTok algorithms the necessary time to boost your video, we will count its views exactly on the 14th day from the date of publication.

Twice a month, we can send you the rewards you have earned form multiple videos. With a minimum withdrawal of $50 USD (since the transaction cost for us is about $15).

The program has been launched in test mode on February 1, 2023 and is currently in effect until March 31, 2023. Every two weeks we plan to make adjustments based on your feedback and extend the program if everything goes well.

Full details are available below, please check Terms of participation, Terms of payment, and The rights.

Fill out the form to submit your video