Publishing and marketing expertise
We self-publish our products across all major platforms: Steam, Meta Quest, PlayStation VR, VIVEPORT, Pico.
Games recognized by players and industry peers
The games we make are nominated for prestigious industry awards like VR Awards by AIXR, UploadVR Awards, and others. Our flagship project STRIDE has over 4,000 player reviews, and the ratings are very positive.
Pushing the boundaries
Our goal is to raise industry standards by introducing innovative mechanics and smart technical solutions to make the most of the VR hardware. We are proud of the fluid locomotion in STRIDE, diverse rhythmic gameplay in AGAINST, and the optimization of these projects on standalone VR headsets.
5 years on the VR market
Our team of more than 70 dedicated professionals creates games of different scales, genres and settings.
In the spring, ‘the parkour VR experience’ made its way to PlayStation VR. We also entered the Chinese market with STRIDE and Against with our partners at Pico and major local LBE providers.

Alongside the release of STRIDE Multiplayer, the game left early access on Steam. We also announced Fates - a story-driven campaign in the STRIDE universe.

Experimenting with the rogue-lite genre, we released OUTLIER, which has been available on Steam for several months.

2 new games were announced and got public beta versions in December. Red Flowers - a lightning-fast action VR platformer in which the enemy always outnumbers you. And Stack, a VR multiplayer game set in a post-apocalyptic environment, in which players need to time disc bounces to eliminate opponents.
It was a very productive year. We released a new combat rhythm game called Against.

STRIDE received many updates and was ported to Meta Quest, eventually joining the top-5 best-selling games in the Meta Quest Store in 2021!

The game became a finalist in the ‘VR Game of the Year’ nomination at the most prestigious industry awards - VR Awards 2021. And it was the second year of receiving the silver rank on Steam by revenue.
To test their capabilities on new platforms, the team released several small games that have been in development for some time: Mace and Grace, MATCH, Time Hacker, and others.

In 2020, our first big success - STRIDE - hit Steam through the early access program with its first game mode called Endless. Later that year, we released more content for the game, including Arena and Time Run modes.

STRIDE has also become available in VIVEPORT and got the silver rank in the top VR games of 2020 by gross revenue on Steam.
Joy Way was founded in 2017 as a VR game development company. We started our journey by creating games for LBE VR.

In 2019, our focus shifted towards major home-use VR platforms. A small team of VR enthusiasts started prototyping new games.
2023 has been a year of dynamic growth and thrilling launches for Joy Way Company. Here's a glimpse into our milestones:

On June 22nd, we released STACK in the Meta store, a vibrant co-op/multiplayer action game.

Dead Hook's Launch on June 29th: A game that masterfully blends the rogue-like genre with intense shooter mechanics, offering an engaging mix of fierce combat and enthralling narrative.

November 9th saw the release of our most anticipated game, STRIDE: Fates. This sequel has been eagerly awaited and received with great enthusiasm. We maintained the excitement with two major updates, transforming the gun mechanics and adding fresh levels to enhance the gaming experience.